Product standard

The Great Wall features high quality high manganese steel wear-resisting liners

(customers can choose the Great Wall, Mn13Cr2, Mn18Cr2 or Mn21Cr2 products according to industrial and mining conditions)

Perfect products :

excellent mechanical properties and molten   steel purity (Note 1)

Perfect product :

austenitizing completely (Note 2)

grain refinement (Note 3)

compact structure (Note 4)

Unified performance :

customers can better arrange production and   product replacement plans (Note 5)

Note 1 : the ChangCheng products 1PPM < H less than 2PPM 5PPM < O < 15PPM > 15PPM to reach the level of ultra pure steel, non-metallic inclusions are stable at the national standard GB/T 13925-2010 1A level, and the inclusions can not be seen on the mirror surface.

Note 2 : the specialized heat treatment equipment, the decarburization layer is less, the quenching pool water is the constant low temperature live water, the carbide in the austenite is stable at the national standard GB/T 13925-2010 level.

Note 3 : unique iron mold sand coating process, grain size 4-5.

Note 4 : computer simulation process, production site computer process management, perfect inspection and testing means, ensure product organization compact.

Note 5 : standard operation, semi mechanized production, casting surface finish degree of Ra25-Ra50, precision CT9-CT10 grade, quality consistent, 100 perfect products.

The ChangCheng Mechanical high manganese steel enterprise standard



Yield strength



Tensile strength



Post break extension rate



Impact energy



Undissolved carbides



Precipitation of carbides



Superheated carbides



Nonmetallic inclusions