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Exclusive invention of "iron mold sand coated" casting molding technology patent

"Iron mold sand" casting molding technology patent

"Iron mold sand" casting molding technology patent

The cone crusher is a typical mining machine. It is mainly used for the crushing of raw materials in metallurgy, construction, road building, chemical and silicate industries. It can break all kinds of ore and rock above medium and medium hardness.

The broken wall and the rolling mortar wall belong to the consumer goods that must be used by the cone crusher. Because of the inevitable wear of the crushing process, the broken wall and the wall of the rolling mortar have a certain service life. When the wear reaches a certain level, the crushing wall and the rolling wall must be replaced at the same time, so these two products belong to the common consumables of crusher. In 2011, in order to improve the competitiveness of the enterprise, improve the production efficiency and combine the national policy of energy saving and emission reduction in China, the Great Wall Co adopted the cast iron casting technology widely used in ductile iron castings to produce the broken wall of the manganese steel and the rolling mortar wall of the cone crusher. A new casting process suitable for high manganese steel wear-resistant castings is explored. This process uses solid metal mold and special tooling, which has the advantages of compact casting, low casting defects, low waste rate, high recycling rate of waste sand and high production efficiency.

When the project is completed, the wear-resistant products produced by the new technology have reached the 1.15--1.5 times of the same type of products in the same industry, and the emission of pollutants is only 1/3 of the other processes. The research of this project is of great theoretical and practical significance to improving the wear resistance of the products, reducing pollution and reducing the cost of material manufacturing.

The products manufactured by iron mold sand coating technology have the following characteristics :

Iron coated sand

Traditional technology

Service life



Performance consistency



Casting precision






1. Long service life: fine grain and good wear-resistance. Using integral iron mould sand coating process, the casting is chilled and the casting is dense. The advantage is particularly evident in thick heavy manganese steel castings.

2. Performance unified: customers can better arrange production and product replacement plan - the process uses special standard tooling, operation standardization, programming, product quality is less affected by human factors, product quality is consistent.

3. The casting surface quality is good, high precision: special tooling, semi mechanized modeling, the precision can reach CT9 CT10, the surface quality reaches the superior grade (JB/JQ82001 1990), far exceed the requirements of foreign merchants.

4. Green environmental protection, energy saving and reducing consumption: iron sand ratio from 1:3 to 1:0.5, resin in the casting process is fully burned by high temperature steel, the old sand can be used after sieving and dust removal, thoroughly solving the problem of sand regeneration.

Comparison between national standards and mechanical properties of iron coated sand products in the ChangCheng Mechanical:



Yield strength



Tensile strength



Post break extension rate



Impact energy



Undissolved carbides



Precipitation of carbides



Superheated carbides



Nonmetallic inclusions



Smelting technology of high purity steel for broken wall


Specializing in the more than 20 years of high manganese steel wear parts of mining machinery parts, the Great Wall has explored the technology of pure and wear-resistant manganese steel smelting by medium frequency induction furnace through continuous efforts and innovation, and has obtained national patent certification.

If the medium frequency electric furnace is used as the smelting furnace and the refining furnace under this technological condition, the medium frequency electric furnace has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, energy saving and reducing consumption and reducing pollution in the melting stage. When the refining furnace is used, because of argon stirring, inclusions and gases floating, the temperature is uniform and the composition segregation is eliminated; under the effect of low melting point and high vigor slag system, the steel slag is fully reacted, the steel water is pure, the mechanical properties and wear resistance of manganese steel are excellent.

This process uses ordinary medium frequency electric furnace to melt pure steel. It saves the huge investment of the refining furnace equipment and the workshop and site, and saves the path of smelting intermediate process. It is environmentally friendly, high efficiency, low consumption, high quality and flexible production.

The technology is combined with a double power supply (1 towing 2) medium frequency furnace. Melting and refining can be used simultaneously. The whole process of melting and refining of pure steel for each furnace is equivalent to the single furnace smelting time, and the production efficiency is very high. It is suitable for mass production of high quality castings.

According to the technical principle mentioned above, medium frequency electric furnace can also smelt structural steel, medium and low alloy steel, heat-resistant steel, stainless steel, and a variety of specialized and special casting steel.

In order to further improve the quality of the steel, the existing technology is based on the conventional smelting process, with the use of external refining technology, such as large steel barrel argon blowing, AOD and VOD refining. However, the equipments such as AOD and VOD are complex, with large investment and high cost.

The technology realizes the whole argon blowing refining of wear-resistant manganese steel in medium frequency induction furnace under the condition of low melting point and high energy slag system. This method can effectively remove the harmful gas and non-metallic inclusions in molten steel, desulphurization, deoxidization, the temperature and composition of the uniform steel liquid, clean the steel liquid and improve the quality of the wear resistant steel.

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