Talent recruitment

Guangxi ChangCheng Mechanical Limited by Share Ltd (original Guangxi the Great Wall mining machinery and equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd.) was established in 1985 and is reproduced in 2016. It is located in Zijin Mountain County of Hezhou city of Guangxi. It is the most specialized production enterprise of wear-resistant parts of mine machinery in Guangxi area. The company's design capacity is 8000 tons of high manganese steel wearing accessories for mining machinery.

At present, the company can produce more than 2000 kinds of different specifications and models of crusher wear-resistant accessories products, for large products have rich experience, but also according to customer requirements to produce special specifications of wear-resistant accessories, the main technical indicators in the international advanced, part of the international leading level, in the same working condition, the same product, production The quality of the product should be thirty-five percent higher. And according to the products used by customers to modify the cavity, the new cavity products are lighter and more efficient than the original products, reduce the customer's comprehensive cost, and create greater economic benefits for the customers.

ChangCheng Mechanical will become a platform for the development of professional elites, and jointly create the pinnacle of new business. Please contact us for more information.